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Forestwood Labradors   Leslie and Michael Plank
If you are looking for a black or yellow puppy in the Long Island, NY/New England area, feel free to contact our friend Leslie at www.forestwoodlabs.com, (631) 724-7593 or e-mail at forestwoodlabs@verizon.net. Puppies placed in approved homes only.

American Kennel Club

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Canine Eye Registration Foundation

Canine Eye Registration Foundation


Middlesex County Animal Hospital
This is where we take our Labradors for veterinary care, as well as puppy class. We have been using them for almost two years now, and are very happy with the care we have received. Middlesex County is a newly renovated hospital with state of the art equipment. From the first day we went in for a tour, the staff has been welcoming, caring and compassionate towards our animals. They are extremely accommodating whether it be a quick progesterone test or an emergency c-section. In addition to terrific veterinary care by Dr. Scott Heckerling, all the x-rays taken are digital, and ultrasound/x-ray technician Joe Mercado is the best at taking x-rays and doing ultrasounds. He has many years of experience and has monitored both regular and high risk pregnancies for us by ultrasound and x-ray. He also takes all of our preliminary and final hip and elbow x-rays for OFA. Vet tech Kristy Williams is also a puppy trainer, has been training puppies since 1996, and holds puppy class right in the hospital which is very accommodating. Most importantly, I trust them with our babies, and that says it all! Dr. Heckerling and vet tech Kristy Williams even have one of our babies as part of their family now! A Goodie x Lobuff Hollyridge Osprey black boy and we couldn’t be happier. You can read all about the hospital on their website at www.mcahwebsite.com.

Obsessive Compulsive Computers
Obsessive Compulsive Computers helps to always have my computer running smoothly. Whether day or night, they are always there to fix problems or just perform general maintenance to our computer. If you are lucky enough to live in our area, or within 20 miles of Burlington, MA, and you have problems with your computer (or just want to have them come and perform general maintenance, which will help your computer run SO much more smoothly and so much faster), give OCC a call and they will come running!

Books Recommended By The Cedarbrook Labradors

The Labrador Retriever: The Dog That Does It All
By: Lisa Weiss Agresta
The Simple Guide To Labrador Retrievers
By: Sheila Webster Boneham, PhD.
The Versatile Labrador Retriever
By: Nancy Martin
Shanny Gets Her License
By: Laura Michaels
This book is great for adults, children and Labradors of all ages. We have purchased many copies! We look forward to Shanny’s next adventure. Great job Laura