Provinces In a Pickle



Integrity’s Incredible Sandy x Provinces Rave Revue

Whelped April 8, 2007

OFA Prelim Good , Elbows Clear,

Eyes Cerf’d Annually, Optigen Clear by Parentage

Pickles came to us from our good friends Rob and Beth Robillard at Old Province Labradors. We are thrilled to have her living here with us. We know she is happy here as she quickly became a couch potato and loves to cuddle with us every night. Her temperament is everything we could have asked for. She is sweet, easy going and obedient and loves all of her friends and family. She instantly became one of our companions that we take to Sunday family dinners wherever they may be. In addition to her lovely temperament, she is really beautiful. She is a big girl with lots of bone, a gorgeous coat, nice short back, beautiful head and a nice chunky thigh and second thigh. She looks so much like her mom Raven, who we have always loved. We look forward to showing Pickles at some upcoming specialties.

At her very first show, Pickles took Reserve Winners Bitch to a 3 point major under respected breeder Judge Judy Drewitt Heim (Hyspire)
Pickles at 8 weeks old
Integrity’s Incredible Sandy
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Integrity’s Jessie Timberland
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Hollybrooke Sandhurst
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Graemoor Tanquil
Winnie’s Frankfurter Team
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Rocheby Amesleage Coat of Arms
Chablais Melody
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Lobuff’s AJA at Riverside
Provinces Rave Revue
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Ch. Hirsipirtin Turtle at Lobuff
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Eng.Sh Ch. Am. Ch. Receiver of Cranspire
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