Cedarbrooks Dear Abbie

Abbie - Pictured here at 20 months old


Provinces Returned Goods x BISS Ch. Liddle Leaping Leo

OFA "Good", Elbows Normal, Eyes Cerf’d Annually, Optigen Normal/PRA Carrier, RD/OSD Normal, BY

Abbie is our keeper out of Goodie and BISS Ch. Liddle Leaping Leo. She is a nice combination of both her Mom and Dad. She has a lovely topline, nice rear and tail, and carries a lovely correct coat. Abbie is a lively gal that loves to play with her toys and loves as much attention as you will give her. Her temperament is very sweet and she wants to be by your side always. She is very smart and loves to retrieve. Abbie has always been very easy to live with and gets along with anyone. She is a classic Labrador through and through. We are very happy with the way Abbie has matured and look forward to seeing where she takes us in the future. Thanks to Abby Kagan and Greg Goebel at Liddle Labradors for sharing Leo with us. He is a beautiful boy who has it all, beauty and the sweetest temperament!

BISS Ch. Liddle Leaping Leo
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