Cedarbrooks Cracklin Rosie


Dunga Queijeiro, Mex. FCI. x Provinces Returned Goods

OFA Good, Elbows Normal, Optigen clear, RD/OSD Clear, Eyes Cerf’d Annually, BY

Rosie is our pick from our Goodie/Dunga litter. She has lots of coat, a pretty head and face, a thick otter tail that comes right off her back, and great shoulder layback. There is really lots to love about her. Like her mom Goodie, she is also a wonderful mother. Rosie loves being with her family and is most content when she is either resting or chewing a nylabone on one of our laps. She loves to play with Cooper, Kirby, Molly and Goodie. They are her best friends. She has been known to be a toy thief, and the faster she gets the squeaker out of any stuffed toy, the quicker she thinks you should give her a treat! She really is the clown of this group. Over the years we have really come to appreciate Rosie being such a silly girl, as she is such a puppy at heart and we hope that she never really "grows up". She makes us laugh everyday. Next, we are going to start working on getting her CGC. A special thanks to Dawn Nacey of Empress Labradors and Manolo Queijeiro of Queijeiro Labradors for sharing Dunga with us. Rosie is quite a gal, and we can honestly say that she is one of a kind !

Rosie and her mother Goodie
Rosie’s Litter out of Ch. Hyspire Adreneline Rush
Rosie’s Daughters out of Ch. Hyspire Adreneline Rush, Maya and Ellie
Dunga Queijeiro, Mex. FCI
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Rosie at 4 months old